Challenges of Agriculture

Agriculture today is filled with challenges:

  1. The spiraling upward cost of fertilizer, with further increases expected in the future.

  2. Increased soil compaction issues.

  3. Larger PTO tractors are required to work the compacted soils

  4. More expensive seeds with special features, like “Round-up Ready”.

  5. Governmental regulations that restrict nutrient application programs.

  6. Shrinking yields, in spite of applying more nutrients.

  7. Shrinking profit margins, increasing costs with flat or decreasing income.

Are There Options?

Yes. But first, let’s look at some basic principles.

The most productive soils:

Agricultral Products
  • Include at least 5% organic matter.

  • Are teeming with all sorts of biology, including millions of microbes per teaspoon of soil.

  • Are loose, enabling air to penetrate a foot or more into the soil.

  • Drain easily with no pools or puddles after rains.

  • Can store more available water during periods of drought.
  • Work up more easily.

  • Are more productive in both quantity and quality.

Healthy Soils support healthy crops. Healthy soils and the crops they produce require three essential types of inputs:

Organic Soil
  • Nutrients to grow crops

  • Food sources to feed soil biology

  • Soil Condioners to maintain proper soil structure and appropriate conditions to support crop production and biological activity, which also supports crop production.

Our soil test is much more
comprehensive than most
strictly Ag tests.

Prescription Soil Analysis, LLC

Nature’s Pro products and programs are designed to support these three types of necessary inputs. A simple diagnostic process provides a path to soil health recovery.

Consequently, the resulting fertility recommendations are much more comprehensive and, when implemented, lead to greater yields.

In the process, the seven characteristics of productive soils will emerge. As the soils increase in productivity, yields will increase. With increased yield comes increased quality and longer shelf-life.

Another Option -

Where soils are really bad, or as a boost to current nutrient application programs, or as a potential cost savings to current nutrient programs, NP Foliars are what the doctor ordered. These time tested products (over 50 years) absorb directly into the plant membranes (up to 94%), are translocated throughout the plant immediately, and have no negative environmental impact. They are also very cost effective. Click here for more information.

If the birds don’t follow your field equipment looking for earthworms, your soil and your crops are in trouble...

We can help.