Humates - What Are They and Where Do They Come From?

Humates is a term to describe natural carbon-based materials that contain humic, fulvic, ulmic and other organic acids necessary for plant health, much like how amino acids make up some of the building blocks of the human body. Humates are the result of the complete decomposition of plant material, greatly concentrated and compressed over centuries. Green Pro Solutions, LLC uses only the best sources, which come from dry mountainous regions of North America. Mine
Since Humates are derived from plants, they provide a rich storehouse of energy containing everything the plant - and soil - need to be healthy, including a full range of nutrients, enzymes, minerals, natural surfactants, bio-stimulants, amino acids, and essential components to stimulate microbes and mycorrhizae.
Humates contain very high concentrations of carbon energy which is instrumental in properly sustaining plant health; whether it's turf grass or huge redwood trees. They provide immediate, natural, clean, high energy food for plants, and concentrated organic conditioners for soils. LIST OF BENEFITS
Our Humates do not contain industrial waste products or sewage and therefore are free of man-made toxins, heavy metals, and toxic salts that may be harmful to the soil and plants.
Agricultural waste products also lack essential biological components required to make the nutrients usable by the plants. This is why consumers and landscape professionals report disappointing "results" when using these types of organic products. Moreover, the amount of product required to achieve long-lasting benefits is substantially greater.
Humates are not all created equal. Therefore, Green Pro Solutions, LLC searches out those decomposed plant deposits containing the highest levels of carbon, humic, fulvic, ulmic acids and other beneficial ingredients... to ensure that trees, shrubs and turf benefit from the highest level of nutritional support and enhanced soil quality.